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Development History

  • 2018

    ★Cintrong invested 200 million yuan to build a new factory with the support of the government of Huangjing Town, Taicang, Suzhou. The new factory aimed to meet the needs of future development.

    ★DPs obtained the CE Certificate.

    ★The invention patent application for a constant voltage constant voltage power storage & power supply system for ships was passed.

    ★Passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. This was another improvement of Cintrong's management system based on the new standard.

    ★Cintrong reached the conditions for applying for the title of “High-tech Enterprise” and formally applied for it.

  • 2017

    ★The bi-directional voltage regulator won the tender for the China Southern Power Grid Rural Power Grid Renovation Project and Cintrong successfully signed with China Southern Power Grid as its supplier for 2017-2018.

    ★Successfully signed with Varian Medical Systems and became its matching supplier.

    ★Won the tender of Goertek Voltage Stabilizer Project and became its supplier of the year. Goertek was another important customer in the IT field following “Shanghai Guangda Electronics”, “Foxconn Group” and “Helian Technology”.

    ★The IOTIPS was put into commercial operation. This was a pioneering attempt in the field of IoT by Nooyi. Nooyi had independent intellectual property rights for all hardware and software from the device side to the cloud (server) to the client side (PC, handhold terminals), allowing users monitor the operation of the device at anytime, in anywhere.

    ★Obtained one utility model patent - a constant voltage constant voltage power storage & power supply system for ships.

    ★Obtained two appearance design patents - control panel 1, and control panel 2.

  • 2016

    ★The contactless voltage stabilizers (100 units in total) were used in China Radio, TV and Network Co., Ltd. Wireless Digital Coverage Project.

    ★The contactless voltage stabilizer won the tender of the High-speed Rail Project to support Zhongda Diantong Corporation.

    ★Our contactless voltage stabilizers supported the China Railway Signal & Communication Engineering Bureau Group Co., Ltd. to serve rail transit.

    ★Our contactless voltage stabilizer and variable frequency power supply were successfully upgraded. The update applied ARM-M4 32-bit processor to provide more reliable performance.

    ★Obtained three utility model patents - an inverted non-isolated AC voltage stabilizer, a dynamic voltage restorer, an AC voltage stabilizer with peak surge absorption and anti-failure function.

  • 2015

    ★Won the tender for Hubei Mobile Contactless Voltage Stabilizer Project. The voltage stabilizer was used for communication base stations.

    ★The contactless voltage stabilizer, supporting Anshan Rongxin Wind Power Project, was exported to the United Kingdom and Mozambique.

    ★Won the tender for 40 sets of 500KVA contactless voltage stabilizers for Shishi Tongda Stabilizer Project.

    ★Successfully developed the 400HZ medium-frequency medium voltage power supply for Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, to supply the 7000m underwater robots. The power supply was the only main power supply for underwater ROVs, solved the reactive power and voltage drop problems due to the 7,000m (from mother ship to underwater ROVs) cable’s stray capacitance. The power supply automatically adjusted the terminal voltage to provide power to the thruster, mechanical arm, and the control section.

    ★Customized contactless voltage stabilizers for the Uzbekistan Medical Project of the Red Cross Society of China.

    ★The variable-frequency power supply was exported to South America, to support the Applied Technology Research Institute of Shenyang Aerospace University.

    ★Two sets of 1000KVA contactless voltage stabilizers were applied to ShanghaiTech University, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

    ★The variable-frequency power supply was used by SMIC (Shanghai) to provide standard power supply for IC production.

    ★Obtained two utility model patents - an AC voltage, current and power stabilized controller, and a grid-connected inverter genlock circuit.

  • 2014

    ★DVRs were successfully applied to China's northwestern railway trunk lines by Dinghan Technology to solve the drop and harmonic interference when train passing.

    ★The 75kVA on-board mobile 400Hz medium frequency power supply was successfully applied to CASC No. 804 Institute in Shanghai. The 60kVA static 400Hz medium frequency power supply was successfully applied to CSIC No. 704 Institute.

    ★The variable- frequency power supply won the tender for TBEA Chengdu Plant.

    ★2Two sets of DVRs (300kVA) were applied to Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Company to solve the problem of voltage sags.

    ★The third technical upgrade of the contactless voltage stabilizer was successfully performed.

  • 2013

    ★Cintrong was established in Shanghai.

    ★The 60Hz variable- frequency power supply was used by Nanjing No. 28 Institute, exported to Africa, and applied to mobile radar devices.

    ★Won the tender for 40 sets of 500KVA contactless voltage stabilizers for Shishi Tongda Stabilizer Project.

    ★The variable-frequency power supply was successfully upgraded. The upgrade adopted three-phase vector control technology to solve the three-phase unbalance and phase deviation problems of the variable- frequency power supply with three-phase transformer structure.

    ★Won the tender for Anshan Rongxin ZBW-S300 Contactless Voltage Stabilizer Project. The voltage stabilizer, which was of wide range, high reliability, high response speed, was exported to South Africa to match the wind power devices.

    ★Won the tender for CRCC Overseas Contactless Voltage Stabilizer Project.

    ★The variable- frequency power supply passed CE Certification (EMC and LVD), which was the second CE certification obtained.

    ★The shore power supply was used by Tsuneishi Group.

    ★Won the tender for voltage stabilizer for TYHI Tianjin Binhai Project to support Pama machine tools.

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