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Service system

Customer satisfaction is a measure of our performance.

We serve you wholeheartedly!


Pre-sale service:

It can provide pre sales technical consultation for customers, introduce the working principle and technical performance of the product in detail, and can help the customer to measure the technical parameters and help the selection of the customers.

Sale service:

After signing the contract, the customer will be informed of the situation of production and transportation in a timely manner, and the safety of the product will be delivered at the fastest time.

After-sale service:

1. all the products are guaranteed for 18 months. The product is free to repair or replace the new machine within three months from the day of sale. In 18 months, the product is repaired and maintained for life free of charge. can be used for daily maintenance training for user maintenance personne.

3.After the delivery of the goods to the user, the company provides debugging and opening service in accordance with the specific conditions of the project to ensure the normal operation of the equipment as scheduled.

4. Make a call return visit and an unscheduled return visit to understand the operation of the equipment in time to solve the problem for the customers.

5. 24 hour service hotline: 4008801168

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