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  • Transformer,motor, appliance, equipment test
    Voltage and frequency vary from country to country, and import equipment export equipments need to configure power conversion devices to meet local power grid environment, such as transformers, freque… 【More】
  • Bidirectional voltage regulator
    Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, February 22 The General Office of the State Council recently transmitted the 《Notice on Implementing a New Round of Opinions on the Transformation and Upgrading of Rural … 【More】
  • Rail traffic power supply
    Rail traffic is a kind of vehicle or transport system that the operating vehicle needs to travel on a specific track. The most typical rail transit is a railway system composed of traditional trains a… 【More】
  • Medical equipment
    The use of modern hospital, the higher market value of large medical equipment, CT, NMR, DR, CR, X system power machine, trolley type B type ultrasonic diagnostic instrument, extracorporeal shock wave… 【More】
  • Radio & television and communication base station
    A base station, that is, a public mobile communication base station, is a form of radio station. It refers to a radio transceiver station transmitting information between mobile terminals and mobile t… 【More】

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