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Company culture

— sounds like “Xunchang”
"Xun" — in Chinese, means quick, which requires quick response to customer's needs, quick service, quick treatment of user’s urgency, and user orientation.
"Chang"— means prosperity, which requires development and progress together with customers to realize our goal of prosperity.
High starting point, high goal, from China to the world
Better products and better services
Technology leading the future and quality shaping the brand
Excellence comes from diligence and success depends on forethought. For the purpose of building “high-performance equipment, high-quality teams, high-grade products, and high-standard services”, Cintrong will scientifically and rationally execute “quality, efficiency, and customer orientation” in all operations. Based on the company spirit of “technology leading the future and quality shaping the brand”, Cintrong will serve and repay the society in a better way, and strive to become the preferred partner of all industries and to meet the complete satisfaction of customers.

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