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300KVA change frequency power supply to DENSO

Publication time : 2018-6-14 14:40:38 

300KVA change frequency power supply to DENSO

Specification and index

1. Input
Voltage range:380±15%

frequency: 50Hz

2. Output
stabilized voltage precision:<±1.0%
stabilized frequency precision:<±0.01%
Three-phase voltage balance mode: automatic balance
Voltage stability time:< 2mS

3. Display diagnostic system
Electrical parameters show: line voltage (L-L), three-phase voltage (L-N), three-phase current, frequency, power and electrical parameters display resolution: voltage resolution 0.1V; current resolution 0.1A; power resolution 0.1KW fault diagnosis and display: overload short circuit fault, IGBT module fault, fuse malfunction, and overtemperature fault

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