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Application of FVR to Tanzania Telecom base station

Publication time : 2018-6-25 10:33:58 
Cintrong DVR dynamic voltage restorer (IP33 outdoor type) is applied to Tanzania Telecom base station.

1.Input voltage range: 400V + 30%, (TN-S system)

Frequency: 40Hz-70Hz

Capacity: 40kVA, 50kVA, 80kVA, 120kVA

2. Output

Voltage: 400V (5% adjustable)

Frequency: 50Hz

Voltage stability: < ±1%

Frequency stabilization: < ± 0.01%

Efficiency: >90%

Three-phase voltage balance mode: automatic balance

Voltage stability time: < 2mS

3. Protection

Overvoltage protection: input line voltage exceeds 400V+30%, automatic shutdown, reduced to 400V-20% automatic boot.

Under voltage protection: input line voltage is lower than 400V-30% automatic shutdown, up to 400V+20% automatic start.

Lack of phase protection: automatic shutdown

Overload protection: overload 2S automatic shutdown

Bypass: manual bypass function, emergency power supply when equipment fails.

4. Instructions

Output voltage, current, working state and alarm information. All instructions and display information are displayed in Chinese and English.

5. Protocol Modbus-RTU communication protocol based on RS485.

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